Friday, 13 August 2010

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

As most of you are aware by now, I am moving to Australia next week for nearly 6 months. Having spent several months listlessly looking for jobs and even going to 5 or 6 interviews, I have decided to veer off course and try my hand at something I have never done before – traveling alone.

While my familial lifestyle has enabled me to live abroad during my childhood and travel a bit with my family (do holidays to Portugal count?), I have never actually travelled. You know, backpack on, map in hand, where-the-hell-am-I-going-next sort of attitude. So instead of following the path to employment and London living, I am following a whim – which will hopefully help me to uncover parts of the world (and maybe parts of myself) I have never experienced. And of course there is always the distant hope I might also uncover Hugh Jackman somewhere along the way.

So this is a very brief little blog, to tell you that for the next few months, I will be blogging from down under. I will be hopefully sharing some adventures and experiences (which will be a nice change from my cynical musings) and keeping those of you who might miss me informed of what I am up to. Thanks for being a fabulous reader base by the way – it is so so lovely getting notes and messages about the blog from random people I would never have expected to follow it! You are all wonderful shiny people and I thank you. Wish me luck folks.

Next stop, Adelaide!